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Pre Cooling units

Pre-Cooling Units are outdoor power supply units used to power air-conditioned railway coaches when the train is in stationery. The panels are installed generally near the railway track in wet, dusty and harsh environment and are equipped with CEE type industrial sockets suitable for 63 or 125 amps current.

The application require strong, corrosion free, easy to operate panels for long life, which is a challenge to obtain and is one of the unique application which calls for a very high quality installation.

Enclosures also shall be large enough to accommo­date aluminium armored incoming and outgoing cables as well as to accommodate switchgears and industrial sockets. In addition the panel shall be strong enough (eg IK10) to withstand the forces while fixing the plugs. Higher ingress Protection as well as UV resistance are a must to withstand the outdoor environment for a long life. These double insulated panels are completely shockproof.


 Mechanical Impact: IK10  Overal Ingress Protection:IP66  UV resistant

  • Thermally isolated, Flame retardant and Self extinguishing. Do not melt down and do not expand fire
  • Maximum Life even in most adverse weather and chemical condition, while keeping the same mechanical properties IK10
  • Withstand Rain, Wind, Dust, Saline environments, Snow, Sunlight (UV)
  • Temperature Range: -30 0C to +120 0C
  • Best and most suitable INSULATED material available in the market for outdoor application and is Shock Proof.
  • Double insulated - No body earthing required
  • Thermally insulated - Any external heat source will not damage the internal equipment of the enclosure
  • Lightness and easy maintenance - Much lighter than metal. Zero Maintenance



Ingress protection according to IEC 60529 (IP code) Consists of 2 digits. The first digit of the IP code stands for the level of protection against contact with dangerous parts and the ingress of solid bodies such as dust. The second digit of the IP code stands for the level of protection against harmful ingress of water.IP 66 – offers full contact protection as well as protection against ingress of dust and protection against heavy jet water from all directions.

Impact strength according to IEC 62262 (IK code) – Means degree of protection by enclosure for electrical equipment against mechanical impact. Each number in the code is allocated to the individual stress energy values. The code consists of the letter IK followed by two digits. IK 10 – is the maximum impact protection as per the standard which is equal to an impact energy of 20 joules. (eg the enclosure is resistant against an impact from an object of 5 kg thrown from a distance of 40 cm.

Double insulation (also called as protection class II – IEC 61140) Insulation comprising of both basic and supplementary insulation. Double insulated electrical appliance is one which has been designed in such a way that it does not require a safety connection to earth. The basic requirement is that no single failure can result in dangerous voltage becoming exposed so that it might cause an electric shock.



  Non Metallic Enclosures    

  Metallic Enclosures

  1. Materials
  2. Electrical
  3. Earthing
  4. Corrosion
  5. Mechanical
  6. Thermal
  7. Life
  8. Fire
  1. Thermoset plastics – Glass Fiber reinforced Polyester
  2. Fully insulated – No chance of electric shock
  3. Double insulated – NO earthing required
  4. No Corrosion. High life in corrosive environment
  5. IK 10
  6. Thermally insulated (GRP materials). No influence of external heat to internal components of the enclosure
  7. Offer a long life span even in the most adverse weather or chemical conditions while keeping the same mechanical properties than metal
  8. IK10
  9. Self-Extinguishing (GRP will not melt or catch fire)
  1. Fabricated in steel – Painted for protection against corrosion
  2. No insulation – Chance of electric shock
  3. Earthing is a must Will corrode in most environments especially outdoors
  4. IK 10
  5. No thermal insulation for the internal components from external heat.
  6. Less life in outdoor and Chemical environments
Safety Due to the electrical insulation behavior of plastic materials these are best suited for outdoor application
No Corrosion Plastic enclosures such as PC, GRP are UV resistance and can withstand most Chemical environments. Hence these can be used for outdoor application as well as for chemical environments
Ingress Protection Plastic enclosures can be designed and manufactured to offer high degree of ingress protection (IP). The enclosures retain the behavior after several years of operation
Earthing Double insulated nonconductive enclosures do not need earthing (refer IS standards)
Handling Plastic enclosures are light weight and easy to handle
Maintenance No maintenance required for UV resistance plastic enclosures (PC & FRP)
Halogen Enclosures manufactured by international players offered by Cape Electric in India are completely Halogen free
Special application
  • Cape Electric Non metallic enclosures offer Excellent performance in Different enclosures available in the range can be selected and used
  •  For Area 0 to Area 2 satisfying the safety requirements of IEC 60364-7-701, 702 (Requirements for special installations – Locations containing a bath or shower / Swimming pools and fountain)
  •  Best suited for agriculture and horticulture application confirming to IEC 60364-7-705
  •  Increased safety for commercial kitchens, un ventilated areas, laundry rooms, cold rooms
  •  Strong and non corrosive for installation in streets, paths and plazas, courtyards, passages and garden, construction sites, Railways platforms, Ramp and Roofs, Cranes, Construction machinery, Filling stations and building external walls
  •  Best suited for SOLAR outdoor applications (1500 volt DC – high insulation resistance requirements, UV resistant, Wall / floor mounted enclosures)


Modular Enclosure - CA

CA-64as – 540 x 360 x 205 mm

CA-84as – 720 x 360 x 205 mm

Wall mounted cabinet - BRES

BRES-64 – 600 x 400 x 230 mm

BRES-65 – 500 x 600 x 230 mm

63A 5Pin(3P+N+E) IP67 Socket 125A 5Pin(3P+N+E) IP67 Socket
63A 5Pin(3P+N+E) IP67 Plug 125A 5Pin(3P+N+E) IP67 Plug


  Pre Cooling Units