SafeTec Technology

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SafeTec Technology:

SafeTec is a reliable DIN rail SPD utilizing 2 States Mode (2SM). SafeTec incorporates a unique technology which is based on a patented thermal control function. Thus, it is an excellent SPD solution in power distribution network where temporary overvoltages (TOVs) or switching transients may be present. This all-in-one technology comes in a pluggable form factor, combines metal oxide varistor (MOV) and gas discharge tube (GDT) protection characteristics and provides excellent protection against overvoltage surges and transients. It mitigates the risk of damage due to overvoltages and provides high levels of availability and reliability to the protected equipment.

SafeTec products comply with: IEC 61643 & EN 61643 Type 2; and UL 1449 4th Edition (Type 1 CA). Raycap offers SafeTec in a variety of operating voltages, ensuring solutions for many power protection applications.

SafeTec Features

- Protective elements: High energy MOV and GDT

- Industry standard DIN rail design

- High TOV Immunity

- Controlled and safe disconnection

- Patented Current Limiting function

- No possibility of thermal runaway

- No arcing during disconnection

- At EOL, continuous power to the equipment

- Five-year warranty

- Solutions for Class II (IEC) 61643-11

- Solutions for  Type 2 (EN)

- Solutions for Type 1CA (UL) 1449 4th Ed.

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