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RayDat Protection:

This product group has a modular design that complies with IEC/EN 61643-21, is available in voltages from 5 to 110 VDC, and comes with a variety of surge discharge ratings. Primarily available in a DIN Rail format, this group also includes products designed in stainless steel for use in explosive environments. Common applications include protection of DC power and data lines, Local Area Networks, data circuits, shielded cables, and more.

SLH4, Net series, PLP

- RayDat SLH-4 Series is a universal Data surge protective device designed to protect two    independent symmetrical data lines.

- RayDat NET Series is ubtended to protect Local Area Networks (LANS) from overvoltage    surges and electrostatic discharges created by switching transients in buildings.

- RayDat PLP 24 protects data circuits such as 4-20mA current loops in industrial    environments.

Coaxial and RF Systems:

The RayDat & RayCox solutions for Coaxial and RF system protection provide a variety of capacities depending upon the application.These include protection for analog video surveillance systems, video and cable TV, and RF antenna systems in a range of frequencies.

- IEC/EN Categories: C1/C2/C3

- Protection: Impedance Matched

- Maximum Operating Voltage: up to 280V

- Maximum peak power: Up to 300 W

- Frequency Range DC: various, 40 MHz – 2.0 GHz

- Surge Discharge Ratings: Imax from 10 to 30 kA

- Series Load Current: 100 mA

- Enclosure: In-line Installation

- Termination: BNC Connectors

- Housing: In-line Installation and/or Shielded Enclosure

- Compliance: IEC/EN 61643-21

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