DC ProTec for Photovoltaic (PV) Power Protection

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DC ProTec for Photovoltaic (PV) Power Protection:

For use in Photovoltaic Systems, this MOV-based SPD has a modular design and complies with EN 50539-11

- Category IEC / EN: Type 1 / Type 2

- Location of use: Photovoltaic Systems – PV module side

- Protection modes: (+)PE, (-)PE, (+)(-)

- Protective element: MOV

- Surge discharge rating: Imax = 40kA

- Housing: Modular design

- Complies with: EN 50539-11 + A1:2014

ProTec DMDR 20 DC Series:

Designed for use at sub-distribution boards, this IEC Class III/ EN Type 3 SPD protects DC power systems and is available in a variety of operating voltages.

- Category IEC / En: Class III/Type 3

- Location of use: Sub-distribution boards

- Protective modes: L-PE, N-PE, L-N

- Protective element: High Energy MOV + GDT

- Surge discharge ratings: Imax up to 4kA

- Housing: Modular design

- Complies with: IEC 61643-11:2012, EN 61643-11: 2011

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