Exothermic Welding

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Aluminothermic Welding (Exo-thermic welding) products are used widely in Earthing, Equipotential Bonding and Railway Applications

This weld process utilize the high temperature of the reaction between copper oxide and aluminium. The reaction happens in a graphite mould crucible, into which the pieces to be welded have been inserted. The molten metal from the  aluminothermic reaction flows over the piece causing them to melt and fuse into a solid homogeneous mass.

The reaction is weld point so quick that the pieces to be welded get lower temperature on the zone around . The WELD connection is a perfect molecular weld and not just a mechanical contact.

Aluminothermic Welding is possible between different metals:

- Copper-Copper

- Steel-Copper

- Steel-Steel

The KLK-WELD connection is a perfect molecular weld:

Connections are not affected by high current surges. Tests have shown that the electrical conductors will melt before the connection when subjected to high short-circuit current.

Connection conductivity is at least equal or greater than the conductors welded. There is not possibility of corrosion at the point of the weld, since conductors become an integral part of the connection.

Main characteristics:

- Fusion temperature equals to copper

- Double cross section than welded cables

- Conductivity is equal or greater than welded conductors

- Withstand short-time and overload currents without affecting the connection

- Conductors melts before the connection itself  (Short-circuit current tests at CESI Lab. Italy)

- Conductors become an integral part of the welded material. Italy)

Models and Sizes:

For each mode of exothermic welding; the mould will be differ according to the conductor size  and the surface area in which the bonding need to be done. The mould varies according to the :

- position of the welding parts

- number of Conductors to be bonding.

- material type

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