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  1. Power Generation - Our Wind Electric Generator located in Tenkasi, southern Tamilnadu generates an average of 7 million Unit of power every year
  2. Supply of Spare parts for WEG: The business unit located in various places in India have its HQ at Nagarcoil. Being a reputed supplier of various components to the WEG industry for more than a decade, we represent various international manufacturers in this industry.
  3. Marketing & Distribution of Electrical Devices: The business group with its HQ at chennai distributes electrical products all over India. All products distributed by us are manufactured by the most reputed German companies in the respective field. Thermo plastic Electrical Enclosures made by M/S Guntner Spelsbrg, Germany, Power factor Improvement capacitors, filters, Relays made by M/S Electronicon Germany, Time switches and sensors made by M/S Theben, Germany
  4. Manufacturing of Distribution boards for out door application using thermoplastic enclosures made by M/S Guntner Spelsberg, Germany
  5. Manufacturing of Array junction boxes, Combiner boxes, AC/DC distribution boards and String Monitoring System for the solar PV market